Cryotech - the technology behind
    Ice Preserver and Glacial products

    Cryotech research has developed products employing environmentally friendly and naturally occurring minerals to alter the structure and nature of ice to prolong it's useful life. This leads to increased reliability in critical use, and large scale cost saving to retail and industrial bulk users.

    IcePreserver - saving cost, improving margins
    reducing emissions, protecting the environment

    By extending the life of ice, typically by several days, IcePreserver cuts the requirement for bulk ice by around 60% and at a very low cost. IcePreserver has applications worldwide on supermarket fresh food counters, in markets, fisheries, when storing catch on trawler fleets.

    Retail and bulk catering use or small
    packs for sale on garage forecourts.

    Bulk and retail size packs for the hotel, leisure and entertainment industry. Cryotech's products keep food displays or buffet food safe and fresh. Beverages are rapidly cooled either in bulk catering or for family leisure trips. Our "BeerFrost" mini packs keep family chillers cold for days, and rapidly super-chill new beverages.

    Research Driven

    Cryotech products are founded on solid research and development, subjected to rigourous trials and market analysis.

    Patents Applied For

    Patents are sought to protect all discoveries, technologies and applications. This intellectual property resides in Cryotech.

    Sustainable Science

    Cryotech products are all non-toxic, made from natural minerals, environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced.

    Product Applications

    Deep sea trawlers
    Bulk Catering
    Beverage cooling
    Supermarket displays
    Retail sales brands